10 Most Popular Myths About Doulas

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

There are some pretty funky ideas people have about doulas and I am here to clear some up for you.

1. Doulas only work with moms who want "natural births":

This is very much not true! Doulas work with all mothers. I always like to say, there is no wrong way to give birth, it's the way a woman is SUPPORTED through her birth that matters. We carry the skills to work with mothers and partners in all situations. You can plan an epidural and still aide you in easing the pains and moving your baby in the correct position. We are here to support you, to inform you and to keep you confident and supported through your pregnancy and birth.

2. We only sometimes show up:

We will ALWAYS show up. You sign a contract with us, we are on call to you from that moment forward. We will have our phones charged and on full volume for when you need us. Now don't get us wrong, life happens and there is traffic and road bumps, but it wont stop us from trying our best to be there for you!

3. If you have a midwife you don't need a doula:

Now, midwives are amazing and we love love love them! Hoverer, just because you have a midwife doesn't mean you don't need a doula. Doulas work on the opposite side of the table, by your head. The goal for everyone is healthy mama and healthy baby, The Midwife has A LOT to look over and handle with monitoring and being there medically for your birth, a doula is there to keep you emotionally in check. Not to say a midwife isn't going to offer emotional aide, but that's going to be your doulas soul purpose!

4. We come to you only at the hospital:

We come to you when you NEED us! Doulas are here for you through your whole birth. When you are laboring at home and you need your doula you can call us and we will be there for you. That is our job, we are here for you 24/7.

5. A doula will get in between you and your partner during birth and labor:

Quite the contrary, we are here to strengthen the bond between you and your partner.. We as doulas are here to guide you in information and education about birth and how to aide your laboring mama through her pain. The last thing we want as doulas is to cause an issue for you, we are here to make it all better.

6. My doula will protect me from hospital staff:

Unfortunately, even the best doula in the world has no power over your doctor, midwife or hospital staff. What we can do for you is give you the confidence to empower yourself to advocate for you! You are the one who has the power and control over your healthcare and we are here to encourage you to educate yourself on you options.

7. I can't afford a doula:

Birth is an expensive process and with everything in this world society influences what you SHOULD have during your birth not what you NEED. We spend so much money on the cute baskets to keep the diapers in and the perfect pattern for your burping cloths (which, don't get me wrong are important to the mamas), but we tend to forget about the actual birth itself. You need to care for your emotions and your self. There needs to be education and support! Most mamas don't even know they need a doula when they really do. You can afford a necessity, I promise.

8. A doula has a negative opinion about hospital births:

A doula is there for you for your birth to SUPPORT you, not to make judgements on where you feel most comfortable on where you give birth.

9. A doula is not necessary because you have a nurse (partner, mother, etc.) present:

A doula is here for education and uninterrupted support to your emotional needs, as well as your partners. It's wonderful having that third person there to keep you confident and sure of what is going on, trust me!

10. Doulas are "granola, crunchy hippies":

As there may be many of us who do love to live a more natural "hippie" life, not all doulas are alike. That's the magic of it, you have the power to choose the doula that best fits you and your family!

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