What To Expect When You're Expecting..

Despite the title this is probably the last book I would recommend to an expecting mother, we are trying to build confidence in you, not scare you!

Here I have a list of reliable and wonderful books you should read before, during and after pregnancy:

The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding

The Birth Partner

Spiritual Midwifery

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

Pregnancy, Childbirth and the newborn: The Complete Guide

An Easier Childbirth: A Mother's Guide to Birthing Normally

This Isn't What I Expected: Overcoming Postpartum Depression

The Hidden Feelings of Motherhood

Breastfeeding Made Simple: The Seven Natural Laws For Nursing Mothers

Optimal Care In Childbirth The Case For A Psychologic Approach

The New Pregnancy And Childbirth: Choices And Challenges

If you have any recommendations on books you have read yourself and enjoyed, please comment below and let me know!



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